Selenium Python - Course
Selenium 4 Course
Module 1
Python Introduction

Software Testing Introduction SDLC life cycle Software Testing Methodologies Test Case Design Techniques Levels of Testing Software Testing Life Cycle QA & QC & Testing Agile methodology

Module 2
Python Introductio

Introduction to Python Operators, Variables & Data Types String manipulations Conditions and Loops & Nested Loop Array - Recursion List, Tuple and Dictionary Functions File Handling - Debugging step in & step out OOps concepts Class & Objects Lambda, Filter & Map Python PIP package

Module 3
Web Basics

HTML HTML elements, HTML tags, HTML tag attributes HTML Forms (Input elements & attributes) CSS What are CSS & ways to use? What is property & value? What is class & id? DOM What is DOM & Understanding DOM? Access of HTML elements with DOM

Module 4
Data Source &

This module will be very exciting. Here we will learn about Waits in Selenium. Waits are used to hold the web application for a few seconds/minutes/hours. When web applications navigate from Page A to Page B then Selenium should wait till the browser loads Page B completely.

Along with waits, we will also learn to Handle multiple windows and Alerts.

Module 5
Module 5 - Selenium

JSON Generate JSON structure dynamically Retrieve information from complex JSON structure MySQL Intro to SQL What is normalization & its types? Basic queries (create, insert, update, delete) SQL joins(1NF, 2NF, 3NF, BCNF) SQL built-in methods, having, group by, distinct

Module 6
Selenium Architecture

With this, we will also develop our understanding on Java Advance topics like Interfaces, Abstract Classes, Inheritance.

Module 7
Locating Elements

Selenium with python What is Selenium? Why Selenium & Advantages? What are its versions? What OS, Browsers, and Programming Languages does it Support? What is a web driver & its architecture? Python IDE(IntelliJ) Anaconda Installation Virtual environments and its significance Python installation and virtual environment setup Web Browser developer tools(F12) and its significance

Module 8
WebDriver API

Getting Started with DOM Simple Usage Example Explained Using Selenium to write tests Walkthrough of the example Navigating Interacting with the page Filling in forms Drag and drop Moving between windows and frames Popup dialogs Navigation: history and location Headless browser

Module 9
Automation Framework
Live E-Commerce Project

Locating by Id, Name, Path Locating Elements by CSS Selectors Xpath and Xpath access

Home Assignments for Practice Automation

Exceptions Action Chains Alerts Desired Capabilities Proxy and Utilities Service Application Cache Firefox WebDriver Chrome WebDriver Wait Support Expected conditions Support

Git & Jenkins

Automation Framework Architecture What is an Architecture What is a Framework POM (Page Object Model) Data driven framework Keyword Driven framework

  • Jenkins
  • Git
  • Selenium Grid